About Us

5Prayers is aiming to become a source of islamic information by publishing digital services to make this information easily accessable.

Our Mission

We translate benefits and articles of the true islamic creed. Our qualified translators work hard to make this publications available in as many languages as possible.

What you will find on this website

We focus on the translation of benefits and articles of the noble scholars of the past and the major scholars of today.

We do not add any content of contemporary issues, because we are not qualified to do so and because there are respected scholars to follow on such issues.

Other services

Prayer times

We develop calculation methods for islamic prayer times since 2007. Benefit from our trusted and checked calculation methods.

Contact information

Send us any suggestions what content you want to see on this website.

E-Mail: support@max-software.net

Note: To get any answers for your personal questions, please refer to the qualified scholars.